Seven of our Eight Grandchildren–All Gifts from God

I have been a registered Republican since my first Presidential vote for Ronald Reagan.  Much has happened in my life since being an eighteen-year-old.  I have served an LDS mission, married my beautiful wife before turning 22, college, had seven children, eight grandchildren, 35 years in a finance career, and over twenty years involved in the political process in Utah.  But one thing has not changed, my principles.  I know who I am and the things that are most important to me, God, Family, and Country.  My parents taught me conservative values, to love God and my country.  They instilled a desire to learn history so that I would have a better appreciation for our forefathers and the great men and women who sacrificed much so that we could have this blessed and free country.  Yes, much has changed since my 18th birthday, my skin has more wrinkles, my hair is white, I have learned a lot in the school of hard knocks, and I have learned that wisdom is much more important than intelligence.  I have known many smart and educated people in my life that lacked the wisdom to make the best choices. I will never try to please everyone,  only to do my best and to act with honesty and integrity. I firmly believe that when you do your best, the Lord will do the rest.

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