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Man Against Messiah, The Sanhedrin Plot Against Jesus

via Man Against Messiah, The Sanhedrin Plot Against Jesus This is my new book.  It will be available in paperback on October 30, 2018, and Kindle on September 30, 2018.   It is the true story of the men who condemned and crucified Jesus Christ.    

A Real Republican

Vote Phill A Republican For Real

My Core Beliefs

  My Core Beliefs: GOD: Our US Constitution was given to us by the hand of divine providence. Our Utah Constitution was likewise patterned. If elected, I will swear an oath to uphold the Constitution and to always vote according to its principles. Any powers not enumerated to the Federal Government are left to the States. FAMILY: The family is the core unit of … Read More My Core Beliefs

The Journey Begins

(March 13, 2018, 11:32 AM) Today I filed to be a candidate for Utah House of Representatives District 19. I have made the decision to run because I believe my values align with the platform of the Utah Republican Party and the residents of my district. Running for political office can be intimidating. But I have the confidence and courage that despite the opposition and character … Read More The Journey Begins