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My Core Beliefs:

  • GOD: Our US Constitution was given to us by the hand of divine providence. Our Utah Constitution was likewise patterned. If elected, I will swear an oath to uphold the Constitution and to always vote according to its principles. Any powers not enumerated to the Federal Government are left to the States.
  • FAMILY: The family is the core unit of society and ordained of God. Good government must always be patterned after the family, and as close to home as possible. Personal accountability is better at solving our social and economic issues than the government.
  • COUNTRY: The United States of America is the promised land of freedom.  Limited government and limited taxation is the best way to protect our liberty and freedom as guaranteed in our Republic.

Too often our elected officials forget that they are servants of the people and that they should always consider legislation based on how it will impact the people, and if it follows the Constitution. As Republicans, we believe in personal liberty and limited government which also means limited regulations and fair and limited taxation. These beliefs are also contained in our Utah Republican Party Platform, which every Republican candidate promises to uphold.

Republican legislators should never propose or support laws or resolutions that are in contrast to our Constitution and our Platform.  If our State has a surplus (it was over $500,000,000 in 2018) that money does not belong to the State, it belongs to the taxpayers. With a surplus of such magnitude, the last thing a Republican legislator should do is vote to increase taxes!  Yet, many Republicans, including my opponent did just that.

If elected, I will always make my decisions based on the following,

  • Is it constitutional?
  • Does it follow the Party Platform I promised to uphold?
  • Will it benefit the citizens?
  • Does it limit their liberty?
  • Is it good for Utah?

I will do my best to represent Utah as a principled Constitutional Republican, and I will always vote with my community in mind.

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