Ray Tax and Spend 1This election is NOT about People.  It is about Policy.  Ray Ward is a good person, but his voting record is BAD Policy, and it is NOT based on Republican Principles.  Your vote should be based on who you believe will represent you and your Republican values, not on friendship.  Ray Ward has had four years to prove his political agenda, and he has voted to raise your taxes EVERY year he has been in office. He also supports a 33.3% State Gas Tax increase! Utah already has one of the highest gas prices in the nation, do you want to pay, even more, a State gas tax that would put Utah in the top 10 in the nation for gas tax?Ray Tax and Spend 2You have the ability to put an end to the liberal voting policy of Ray Ward. He may be a nice guy, but his voting record is NOT based on Republican principles, and it surely isn’t based on our Republican Platform, of limited government and low taxes.  Don’t re-elect someone just because he is a nice guy.  Make your vote count, and vote for a Republican who really will represent you!  Vote Phill, Representing for Real!

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